Our Christian Program

With Bible stories, verses, and songs as well as prayer we teach the word of God in a developmentally appropriate way. We share Jesus' message of love and kindness to one another routinely as well as in our daily language. Children learn that they are unique individuals and God loves and cares for them.

Preschool as a Ministry of the Church

Saddleback Children's Center and Community Lutheran Church share a campus, but more importantly we like to emphasize the importance of staying connected to each other. 

Each week we offer:

  • a "Bible story" chapel time with songs, skits and prayers lead by Pastor Matt (Pastor of Community Lutheran Church)  and Josiah (Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Community Lutheran Church) 
  • songs in each classroom led by our teachers
  • a new Bible story each week and a theme Bible verse each month

We also offer:

  • resources for parents who seek ways to nurture their child's faith
  • the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of faith
  • resources for parents who seek prayer support and/or spiritual counseling

To learn more about Community Lutheran Church, visit clcrsm.org or stop by the church office. 

You and your family are always welcome!