2024-2025 Parent Handbook

We are happy that you have chosen our Preschool for your child! We give thanks to God as you join our Preschool family. It is our hope that this handbook will serve as a guide to help you and your child gain the greatest benefit from our Preschool program.

Parents and teachers can work together to make the transition as easy as possible. Parents can talk about school in a positive way emphasizing the fun of learning and making new friends. Our teachers are very gifted at helping children feel welcomed and comfortable in their new classroom setting. Each child will transition at their own pace. Your child’s teacher will be available to assist in any way possible should this be uncomfortable for your child at first.

We want your child to discover that the world outside the immediate family can be an exciting, safe place, rich in the abundance of God’s wonder and blessings. It is our desire for your child to feel at home at our school and to see that this is a place where they can become all that God has intended for them. We look forward to a wonderful first day as well as an exciting year with you and your child.

  • 2024-25

    Parent Handbook

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