Saddleback Children's Center

School Events and Holiday Schedule



First Day of Fall Full Day Program 2021

Meet the Teacher

Preschool Starts

Labor Day Holiday                                                 

Parent Back to School Night

FSN Developmental Screening

Staff In-service

School Picture Day                               

Zoom Parent/Teacher Conferences

Veteran’s Day Holiday                                     

November Recess

November Full Day Program                                   

Thanksgiving Holiday                                       

Christmas Program                                         

Christmas Recess                                         

Christmas Holiday                               

Holiday Full Day Program                             

New Year’s Holiday    

Extra-curriculars to Begin                                   

School Back in Session                                 

Martin Luther King Day                                 Kindergarten Readiness Screen Days         

Staff In-service                                             

President’s Day                                             

Kindergarten Readiness Screening Parent Info Night  

Good Friday

Easter Break                                                 

Spring Full Day Program

Spring Open House                                       Parent/Teacher Conferences      

Memorial Day                            

Last Day of Preschool             

Last Day of Full Day Program                   

Summer Full Day Program                   

Independence Day           

Summer Preschool      

VBS offered through church   

Teacher Preparation Week

NO PRESCHOOL means we will still be open for full-day students


August 16

August 19 & 20                         assigned by classroom

August 23                                            8:30-11:30AM

September 6                                       School Closed

TBA                                                        Format TBD

September 24

October 11th                                       School Closed

October 18th & 19th                                         

October 21 & 22                     Full Day Students Only

November 11                                      School Closed

November 22-24                                  No Preschool

Nov. 22-24                                            Full Day Only

Nov. 25 & 26                                       School Closed

TBA                                                        Format TBD

Dec. 20-31                                           No Preschool

December 23 & 24                              School Closed

December 20-22, 27-29         Full Day Students Only

December 30 & 31                              School Closed

January                                                              TBD

January 3

January 17                                         School Closed

February 10 & 11                        4 & 5 year-olds only

February 18                                        School Closed

February 21                                        School Closed

February 23                      7:00PM Results Reviewed

April 15                                                School Closed

April 11-April 15                              Preschool Closed

April 11-April 14                                    Full Day Only

April 21                                            6:30PM-8:00PM

May 12 & 13                         Full Day Students Only

May 30                                               School Closed

June 7 & 8

June 10

June 13-August 5                                        8 Weeks

July 4                                                  School Closed

June 20-July 29                                           6 Weeks

August 1-5                           Full Day Program Open

August 8-12                                       School Closed

SCHOOL CLOSED means there is NO childcare provided on that day.