to support learning and development at home

Please take a look at this list of resources! We hope to continue to add to this list as we find articles and links to websites with the goal to support you by encouraging your child's continued development at home. We love connecting learning at school with home!


Resources to build positive communication skills between children and parents. 

  • Tell me what to do instead

    Check out this great article that guides building positive communication in the home and reinforces behavior you want to see repeated: 


    You can find more resources like this from the CA MAP to Inclusion and Belonging Website. Below is a link on their website to more family resources:


    This handout is adapted from the Saddleback Children's Center Operations manual and provides parents with guidance strategies to help encourage and reinforce positive behaviors: GUIDING BEHAVIORS 

Social and Emotional

Resources to encourage social and emotional support at home; to help children identify their own feelings and to help caregivers model and support emotional literacy or understanding. 

  • Teaching your child to: 

    Identify and Express Emotions

    Take a look at this article that helps parents and caregivers find ways to help children identify their feelings and how to deal with those feelings in an appropriate way: 

    "Teaching Your Child to: Identify and Express Emotions" 


"Self-regulation can also be thought of as successful integration of emotion (what a child feels) and cognition (what a child knows or can do)."

This article helps to define self-regulation and helps the reader understand the age self-regulation develops as well as how to help at home. It also touches on what happens when a child does not learn to self-regulate.

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Conflict Resolution

What do you do when your child has a conflict with another child? This article guides the reader through practical tools and phrases you can use at home with your child.

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